Round Two Preview

Round Two Preview

09 May 2023

We’re quickly approaching the second round of the 2023 Trackday Championship season. After a thrilling season opener at Silverstone in early April, anticipation couldn’t be higher for what the next installment of this year’s championship will bring.

The venue for round two is Anglesey’s Trac Môn circuit, which provides one of the most breathtaking backdrops in British motorsport. TDC visited Anglesey for the first-ever time last year and the championship quickly discovered that the fast-paced nature of the ‘Coastal’ configurations provides an idyllic platform for great racing.

Trac Môn will provide a number of distinct challenges for TDC competitors, with arguably the most notable obstacle being the tricky ‘Corkscrew’. The difficulty of the Corkscrew is attributed to the sharp change in both elevation and camber, but while it is tough to master, it’s an exceptional section of track and not one to be missed.

Competitors will push their cars to the limits after they exit the 10% banked turn three, accelerating up through Church and School and into the tricky, winding Rocket and Peel. After exiting Peel, it’s time for competitors to descend through ‘Corkscrew’ and complete the lap.

A strong season opener for Steve Summers (Datum Motorsport #3) resulted in both overall victory for the Lotus Elise driver and the lead in the all-important Championship Standings. Se7en Motorsport’s Stewart Donovan and Fiesta Club Racer’s Wright/Glover earned the top steps of their respective classes (C and D) in April’s Silverstone round, meaning they are currently the teams to beat in class. There’s plenty of racing still to come this year though and, given how competitive the TDC driver pool is, we expect plenty of firm-but-fair battling for the class podium places in Wales.

To recap all the excitement of the season opener, view the comprehensive race report here.

It’s time for Anglesey!