Trackday Championship -  About Us

Trackday Championship - About Us

The Trackday Championship (TDC) is a championship which offers a competitive yet fun-and-friendly environment for production saloon, hatchback, and sports car racers to enjoy. Whether you’re a relative novice looking to progress into a well-supported championship environment for the first time, or an established competitor seeking a new challenge, TDC has plenty to offer.


Each round consists of a 25-minute qualifying session followed by a 45-minute race. Qualifying and the race take place on the same day. The race has a mandatory two-minute pit stop for all teams.


Class B: 151 – 175 bhp/tonne

Class C: 126 – 150 bhp/tonne

Class D: Up to 125 bhp/tonne

Guest/Invitation Class: Any other production and production-based saloon, hatchback and sports car that we have given permission to join the championship or single event.


Three classes – three class winners.

2024 class championship winners will win a prize drive in a pre-selected 2025 EnduroKA event - typically the 12 Heures du Norfolk at Snetterton!


The regulations for the series are reasonably relaxed, so that most cars that have already been developed for track days will be eligible.

- Meet the basic Motorsport UK standards for safety (check out our Guide to Motorsport UK Scrutineering Requirements)

- No more than 175 bhp per tonne

- Minimum weight of 600kg (post-race and with driver)

- Tyres must Toyo R888 (GG Compound) or R888R.

- Forced induction cars and cars with a sequential gearbox must strictly conform to the championship regulations regarding ballast

- 4WD vehicles are not permitted

Aerodynamic devices are permitted, providing that they comply with the provisions set out in Appendix J of the Motorsport UK Yearbook (J5.20.10 & J5.20.11) in terms of fixed rear wings/diffusers and front splitters only. It is implicit that these devices are approved by the scrutineers. Active aero/DRS systems are not permitted.