Welcome Marketing Delivery!

Welcome Marketing Delivery!

30 January 2023

MSVT Racing are delighted to welcome Marketing Delivery as sponsors for the upcoming 2023 season!

Marketing Delivery/Voice Box will provide a fresh look to Trackday Trophy and Trackday Championship, as the company will be the official 2023 screen-top sponsor for both. You will find Marketing Delivery and Voice Box logos on the EnduroKA door roundels too, as they will also be sponsoring the ever-popular Mk1 Ford KA endurance series.

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director of Marketing Delivery, will be a familiar face to many in MSVT Racing’s various paddocks, as he was a regular competitor in both EnduroKA and Trackday Trophy last year with his team Semprini Racing. We chatted to Jeremy to learn more about himself, Marketing Delivery and the new sponsorship:

    • Can you provide us an introduction of who Marketing Delivery are and what you do?

    We are an automotive specialist digital marketing company, working with over 450 dealerships and workshops around the UK. We run customer contact programmes using email, SMS and social media for sales and service departments. If you’ve had a used car stock update email or an email service reminder, that might have been us! If you see used car stock ads in your Facebook feed, that might be us too!

    • How long have you been involved with motorsport?

    I (Jeremy) used to race in Minicross back in the 90s and early 00s. With Marketing Delivery we revived the “Semprini Racing” team for EnduroKa in 2020.

    • What motorsport have you been involved in?

    As well as Minicross and EnduroKa we have raced a Clio and a Civic Type R in Trackday Trophy for the last couple of seasons.

    • What drew you to sponsor MSVT’s Racing portfolio?

    The increased live streaming puts smaller brands on a much more visible platform. We were looking for ways to promote our VoiceBox digital marketing platform to the motor trade so this sponsorship package puts us in front of many automotive businesses in the paddock and on the live streams. 

    • What’s your favourite track on the ’23 Calendar? Why?

    Having done the inaugural EnduroKa 24 hours at Anglesey's Trac Mon last season, we are really excited to take the Civic there in TDT this season. It’s a stunning location for a race track.

    • How can people find your business?

    Links to our socials can be found below:

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


    • Anything else to add or include?

    We will be supporting the Semprini Juniors this season again both in EnduroKa and stepping up into some TDT races. David Evans is keeping the Semprini and Marketing Delivery name going in the winter sim series too.

    When asked about the Marketing Delivery sponsorship, MSVT Racing’s Championship Manager Stuart Garland commented:

    ‘We’re really pleased to welcome Marketing Delivery to the MSVT Racing family for 2023. Jeremy and his Semprini Racing team(s) were ever-presents with us last year and we keenly look forward to developing this relationship over the upcoming season.’