Meet The Sponsors - Dodo Juice

Meet The Sponsors - Dodo Juice

11 July 2022

Here at MSVT Racing we remain keen to introduce our paddocks to the Sponsors who help make our championships and series what they are. Next up, Dom Colbeck - co-founder of Dodo Juice!

About The Company

Dodo Juice are a small UK company that specialise in making small batch, high quality detailing car care products. They also run the Stjarnagloss car care brand and co-manage the Waxstock annual detailing event. 

The company kindly provide first-rate 'goody bags' for MSVT Racing winners, which are always well received!


  • What motorsport have you been involved with, and for how long?

I’ve always had a personal interest but it’s always been at the lighter end of the spectrum, running around various circuits on track days – no ARDS licence yet. Since we started making car care products we’ve always had sponsorship enquiries and have supported dozens of race cars, teams and drivers over the years, so we’re no stranger to the pit garage. However, we’ve always tended to contra stickers on the car for products. If we had a proper budget we’d be running around in a car ourselves!

  • What’s your dream race car?

A 992 GT3 Cup – I’m guessing it would be a dream to run and maintain as well as to drive, although not the cheapest car to get into.

  • What’s your favourite British circuit?

Oulton has perhaps the most character in my opinion, but I have a soft spot for Donington Park after Will Hoy drove me around there in an Alfa SZ when I was a guest on an Alfa experience day. The Craner Curves really make it.

  • Do you have a favourite of your products?

Like children, it’s had to have a favourite as we create all our chemicals from bespoke recipes and then stir them up on site in Elsenham, Essex. Rather than price them down (or formulate them down!) to give the market what it wants, we just do our own thing. My personal favourite is our Born to be Mild shampoo, a proper detailing wash that won’t strip wax or sealant on the car, but arguably the most successful is our Supernatural Leather Cleaner that has been unbeaten in Auto Express group tests for almost a decade. And we’re not even leather specialists.

  • Favourite car owned?

With hindsight, a Porsche 964RS as it would have paid off the mortgage, but favourite currently owned is my Golf Clubsport S – a real sleeper. It laps as fast as a Murcielago but looks like a shopping hatch to most onlookers.

  • Are you able to give us a fun or interesting ‘did you know’ fact about yourself or business?

Did you know that Dodo Juice refers to other companies putting mythical or made-up ingredients into car care products just to hype them up? We called them out by naming ourselves after an ingredient that couldn’t exist – extract of dodo.