Keeping up with the Joneses

Racing with Prestige pair take maiden TDC victory

  • Keeping up with the Joneses


Racing with Prestige pair take maiden TDC victory

The start wasn’t the time to have a Seat, with both the Mangoes Racing Seat Leon and the OMG Seat Leon bogging down when the lights went out. This allowed the Autorevive BMW to take the lead as the cars rounded the first corner, with a four way battle for second on the road including Mangoes Racing, Racing with Prestige and the leading Class A cars of Luke Allen Racing and Frugal racing. Windgat Racing had a ringside seat, having jumped the OMG Seat before it set off.

Both leading Class B cars managed to make good starts, making the most of their RWD off the line. This saw the pair jump a number of Class A vehicles in the first lap. With the Supatune MR2 just ahead of GNB’s BMW, it was Burstow who lost out as the Class A cars started to fight back through the field in the following laps; allowing the MR2 to escape down the road. 

Norfolk n’ chance, also had a lightening start, taking the outside line through Copse and passing the Clio of HT, and VW Golf of Hoojslide to take the Class C lead by Beckets.

With the Seat of Goes having recovered and the Class S MR2 following him off up the track, Class A were able to resume the battle for the class lead! Luke Allen and Frugal fight for third, quickly joined by the Windgat Seat Leon. Allen found a way past the Caterham on the Wellington Straight, before the Seat of Windgat Racing passing the Caterham on the Pit Straight.

The Puma of Francis and Supatune had a poor start and found himself passed by the Fiestas. The Simply Cars having a characteristically good start to take the Class Lead.

Cook joined the fight for fourth, making his way past the leading Class A cars in Brooklands and Woodcote. This allowed the Seat of Windgat to get a run on the Luke Allen Racing Civic down the pit straight, a move the Seat completed before Copse.

With the Cass B lead battle holding a steady gap, the fight was on for third in class. Tylah Motorsport’s VW Golf and BMW E30 were taking on the Team Banana Clio of Broad and Jackson-Moore. The trio traded spaces right up to the pit stop window, with the E30 entering the pit window just in front of the Clio.

Class C was heating up with the Clio of HT Racing along with the Golf of Hoojslide able to catch Norfolk N Chance as they battled with the Fiesta of Apple Car Centre. HT Racing’s Clio made a pass up the inside of Apple Car Centre in Brooklands, managing to carry the momentum along the pit straight to jump up the inside of Norfolk N Chance into Copse. The next lap, Apple Car centre in turn managed to find a way past Norfolk N Chance along the Wellington straight, this fight allowing the HT Racing car to break away.

In Class D, it was Burn and Everett together as Burn fought hard to find a way past but the cars were evenly matched down the straights. Just ahead the silver puma of Jason Francis, having now recovered from the start, was chasing the Class D leading Simply Cars, who had managed to build a gap as the leaders rounded to catch the field.  

The Class S Battle; with Goes having caught and passed the Autorevive BMW, had stabilised with the Auto Revive BMW able to maintain the gap to the Racing with Prestige MR2 of Jones and Jones. Cook in the Big Skidz Fiesta chasing hard in the Fiesta.

Frugal Racing was still fighting with Windgat for the Class A lead the pair fought side by side through Woodcote down the Pit Straight and into Copse! Windgat managed to win the race into Becketts on the inside line to reclaim the class lead.

Further down the field, a late charge heading to the pit stop window from Gary Burstow had narrowed the gap in the fight for the Class B lead.

In Class C a three way battle had begun with the PSR Clio battling the Norfolk n’ Chance Clio fractions ahead of the team Norfolk Fiesta who had also joined the mix. After countless laps of side by side action the PSR Clio managed to make the move stick into Becketts, successfully fighting off the counter attack into Brooklands and Copse on the following lap. The “Norfolk Derby” was now on, and the two Norfolk teams; team Norfolk and Norfolk n Chance, continued to swap positions until the pit window.

 As the dust settled following the pit window, it was Goes who appeared back from the pits in the lead of the Race and Class S, all be it with a substantial lead following the retirement in the pits of the Autorevive BMW. It was down to the MR2 of Jones and Jones, who lead the charge. In true “it’s not over till the flag” fashion, goes retired with an apparent puncture on lap 37, with three laps to go!

Having battled since the pit stops for the second spot in Class A, Windgat suffered an apparent problem, and lost out to MCQ Motorsport and the OMG BMW into Brooklands. The OMG BMW and MCQ Motorsport Porsche continued to fight for second in class, followed by the HSR Golf passing through just behind. Windgat retiring soon after, followed by HSR dropping back to 7th in class with technical gremlins,. Gales in the OMG BMW had to settle for 3rd in Class A as the Porsche of Jamie McHugh too the second spot and with it the temporary lead of the Championship.

A late stop worked well for GNB’s Burstow, who emerged from the pits now in the class lead. This was a lead he managed to maintain to the flag with the Supatune MR2 now coming under increasing pressure from the Tylah Motorsport BMW of Dean Hyde. A big push to the flag from Hyde saw him come extremely close to the second spot in class but it was the Supatune Motorsport car at the hands of Timpson and Tester who managed to hold on, meaning Hyde had to settle for third on the line.

The Clio of PSR and Fiesta of team Norfolk again found themselves on fighting through the back markers following the pit stops. In a reversal of fortunes from Snetterton it was the team Norfolk Fiesta who got the jump on the PSR car able to battle on through the pack to take second in Class C.

A late stop for the Puma of Francis paid dividends as he emerged from the pit stop in front of the Simply cars Fiesta of Cooper. This was a lead he managed to maintain until the flag, with the team of Broad and Everett beating the Moores Motors Fiesta of Burn to the flag.

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