2018 Results

TDC is a championship which offers a competitive, yet fun and friendly, environment for production saloon, hatchback, and sports car racers to enjoy.

  • 2018 Results

2018 Results

Race Report

Race 21: Classes S & A:

Qualifying was a close fought affair with many teams sitting in the top spot during the course of the session. The early pace was set by the BMW’s with M3F’s Mark Flower, RJ Developments Jim and Ryan Gibbs, and Autorevive London pair Chris Mills and David Gardner all within tenths of a second. As the session went on however the times started to tumble, with the Porsche Cayman of Team ALN’s Warren Allen taking pole only for it to be snatched away by the Frugal Racing pair of Ben Simons and Callum McDougall in the Caterham. Allen responded however reclaiming the top spot later in the session. As qualifying went on the session started coming back to the Seats with OMG’s Steve Gales pipping Allen’s Cayman by just one tenth of a second. With the chequered flag out it looked like a formality, but the RJ Developments BMW was not done, claiming pole at the flag to take the top spot from Gales.

In Class A the early pace was set by Britton in the White Rose Racing BMW, this was a lap time that proved too much to topple, and despite best efforts from the field was enough to claim pole. Second place, seemed to be secured by 1 tenth of a second by the Jordan Car Storage duo or Troy Dunlop and William Norman, ahead of Lakeland Motorsport’s Ryan Steel. Steel managed to find space and claim the second place in Class A just as the flag came down, jumping the Jordan Car Storage BMW by half a second. With the top eleven cars covered by just a couple of seconds, it was going to be close.

As the cars lined up on the grid for the race the rain came. From the start it was the Caterham of Frugal Racing that took the early lead closely followed by the Team ALN Porsche, as the RJ Developments BMW struggled to get away. As the two leaders traded lap times, it was the Class A leader of James Britton who was making noises. Up from tenth on the grid to fifth over the opening lap and relishing the wet conditions. Brittons climb through the field was halted by the BMW M3 of Team Meanest’s Ty Boothroyd and Michael Pensavalle as then managed to find a way past on lap four. Also going well at this point was the Lakeland Motorsport Saxo or Ryan Steel up from 12th on the grid to 8th on the opening lap, climbing further to sixth before the pit stop window.

As the pit stop window drew close, a big moment at the back of the circuit caused the Team Meanest BMW to become immobile on the side of the circuit by starkys bridge. This lead to a safety car late in the first half of the race. The cars rounded the Esses with seconds to go, with the leaders past the pit entry, the pit stop window opened! The Mangoes Racing sister Seats jumped into the pits, closely followed by the M3F BMW and the OMG Seat. Pitting behind the safety car was the way to go and the following lap the pit lane was alive with vehicles. Unfortunately for the Mangoes Seats an early stop didn’t allow the cars to come out before the safety car rounded the circuit so the advantage was minimised, the latter vehicles were much luckier with them appearing from the pit lane before the safety car had appeared.   

Once the dust had settled it was the later pit stopping vehicles who had managed to work their way to the front, with the yet-to-stop Porsche Boxster of Team Bacon Butty leading the way, from the Frugal Racing Caterham and a still hard charging WhiteRose Racing BMW. Further down the field the RJ Developments BMW was fighting off an attack from both the Lakeland Saxo, and the Goblin Seat Cupra R of Barrie Culley. Just behind this battle was the Cayman of Team ALN. Both the Saxo and Seat managed to find a way past the BMW, bringing the Porsche along with it. The Team ALN Porsche also managed to pip the Seat of Culley.   

With the track still slippery, the M3F BMW got into strife at coppice corner, and found itself stick on the grass on the side of the circuit. This triggered another safety car period. As the safety car backed up the field and waived past the back markers, the last of the released vehicles had a massive mechanical failure, dropping oil on the wet circuit. This unfortunately brought out the red flag and stopped the session, handing James Britton and the White Rose BMW the overall and Class A win. Frugal Racing also took a Class S win but had to settle for second overall behind the Class A BMW. Ryan Steel and the Lakeland Saxo came home in second in Class A and third overall with the  fast finishing Porsche of Warren Allen and Team ALN coming second in Class S and fourth overall.


Race Report:

Race 18: Classes B, C and D

Qualifying was an all BMW affair at the top with the GNB Motorsport setting early form with a lap time that proved too hard to topple. The Raw Motorsport BMW of Welsh and Mcerlean came close however, but ended just over a tenth short. The Class C pole was taken by the PSR pair of Wood and Danzey, three tenths ahead of the fellow Clio of Tracktards duo of Hoey and Langeveld. In Class D it was a late fast lap by Youhill in the 93R Fiesta that took pole, ahead for the Supatune Puma of Burnham and Starkey.

When the lights went out, it was the fast starting Supatune MR2 that took the lead, battling it out with GNB’s Gary Burstow through Redgate. This lasted less than a lap however, as the MR2 ran wide on the exit of Coppice corner and fell out of the top ten. The battle for the lead however was far from over as the Raw Motorsport 3 series managed to find a way past the leader GNB Motorsport through the craner curves. Just behind the BMW of Tylah Motorsport’s John Lyne, under constant pressure from the SW Motorsports Civic of Woods and Evans.

Class C saw a good start from the Tracktards duo of Langeveld and Hoey, who managed to close up to class leader on the first lap. This fast start was matched however by Alf Hyde in the Tylah Motorsport Fiesta who was by now up to tenth overall and third in class from twenty first on the grid. The sister Tylah car, the BMW of Dean Hyde, was just a few spaces behind fighting the Fiesta of Team Norfolk driven by Kevin Stirling. This was a fight that BMW ultimately won in the opening phase, managing to pull away from the Stirling Fiesta to catch the Fiesta of Hyde to make the pass on the third lap. Hyde’s Fiesta was caught by the Stirling Fiesta who also made the pass one lap later. Right in the middle of the fight for first in class the PSR car slowed. Technical gremlins brought them into the pits, and then later forced their retirement.

In Class D, it was the MINI Cooper of Bradbury and White that had the best of the start, coming from fourth in class to take the class lead over the opening lap. Class pole sitter Youhill had to settle back into third in class until mounting a comeback to re-take the Wings ltd Fiesta of Broad and Everett on lap two. The Supatune Puma of Burnham and Starkey, although slow off the start recovered to third in class before retiring on lap 7.

As the pit window neared, the Raw Motorsport BMW was able to maintain the lead over the GNB Motorsport. Pushing hard the back got away from Burstow in the chasing car and the GNB BMW ended up beached in the gravel trap, gifting second place to Tylah Motorsports John Lyne. Luckily a live snatch was on hand to keep the racing going while the stricken GNB car was removed to safety.  An early stop by the Class B Supatune Toyota MR2 of Tester and Timpson started off the pit stops. The MR2 was followed into the pits by the Team Norfolk Fiesta of Stirling from Class C, and a lap later by then third in Class Alf Hyde in his Tylah Motorsport Fiesta. These early stops paid dividends as within a few laps the safety car was scrambled to help with the recovery of the retired Supatune MR2 which had pulled off at the Old Hairpin.

With the majority of the field able to pit under the safety car, it was the Raw Motorsport BMW how managed the gap to take the Class B and Overall win, just in front of a closing Lyne in the Tylah Motorsport Class B BMW. Pete Jokinen took third in class B and overall. In Class C it was Lewis Denslow in the Deadslow Fiesta who was just ahead of the Team Norfolk car. The Tylah Fiesta of Hyde was also closing in. It soon became apparent that Denslow had received a drive through penalty for a short pit stop. This effectively handed the win to Stirling, who was able to hold off a late charge from Hyde to take the Class C victory, Hyde in the Tylah Fiesta took second, and DLR Motorsport in third. Denslow having to settle for fourth in Class C. In Class D it was the Fiesta of Youhill that took the win, just ahead of the Box Fast Racing MINI Of White and Bradbury. Third in Class D was all still to play for however as the wings ltd Fiesta, went past the Moores Motors Fiesta on the last lap to take its place on the last step of the podium.


Race Report

Race 13: Classes S and A:

Qualifying showed a return to form for the Frugal Racing Caterham as it took pole, ahead of Donington pole sitter RJ Developments. Third on the grid was the Autorevive BMW ahead of the first of the Seats, Mangoes racing Mark Nenadic. The Class A Pole was captured by Goblin Motorsports Martyn Culley, with the Porsche Boxster of Team Bacon Butty splitting the two Goblin Seats to take second in class.

At the start the Caterham and the BMW’s got a characteristically good start. The Seat of Mangoes Racings Mark Nenadic managed to hold off the sister car of Darren Goes as he fought the Porsche Cayman of Team ALN. This lasted a lap however as next time round the door was open into Richies corner and Goes was coming through.

The drama in Class A started before the race start as on the green flag lap the Barton Motorsport VW Cup lost a boost pipe and had to retire to the paddock. From the start Martyn Culley managed to hold the class lead with Rich Hughes in the Team Bacon Butty Porsche just able to hold off Barrie Culley in the sister Golbin Racing Seat.  

As the Mangoes Racing Seats battled it out, the BMW’s of RJ Developments and Autorevive London were in their own fight for second in class and overall. The two battles for second and fourth, allowed the Frugal Caterham to gap the field as the pit stops loomed near

With the pit window in sight, the lead Class A car of Martyn Culley managed to maintain the gap to the Bacon Butty Porsche in second and Barrie Culley in third.

After the stops, the Caterham was still in the lead but it was the AutoRevive BMW who emerged in second, able to jump but not gap the RJ Developments car in the pits. The Mangoes cars, now inseparable having pitted together and emerged from the pits still together, were still fighting hard for fourth.

Martyn Culley managed to maintain the Class A lead during the pit stop window, with the sister Goblin car of Barrie Culley falling behind the Bacon Butty Porsche, having made a very late stop.

With three laps left to go, drama ensued in Class S as the Frugal Caterham retired from the lead, this sparked the change as a lap later the RJ Developments BMW took the AutoRevive London BMW for the lead. The pair fought to the line, but a 30 second time penalty for an alleged short pit stop relegated the AutoRevive BMW to fourth. The Seats of Mangoes Racing finished as they started with Darren Goes crossing the line to take an eventual second place ahead of the sister Seat of Mark Nenadic in third - just four tenths of a second behind.

Over the line it was a lights to flag victory for Martin Culley, and a strong second place for Team Bacon Butty. Confusion on a pit stop infringement lead Barrie Culley to retire from third in class just before the flag.




Race 21: Classes B, C and D:

Qualifying painted a familiar picture, with GNB Motorsport taking the pole and the Tylah Motorsport BMW of John Lyne in third. This time however they were split be the Apple Car Centre Clio, which was absent from Donington.

Class C was topped by the DLR Motorsport Clio of Griffiths and Rogers, by just one tenth of a second ahead of the Deadslow Fiesta of Denslow. Dean Hyde in the E30 BMW from Tylah Motorsport took third in class, just ahead of G&M Motorsport in fourth and Driven Motorsport in fifth – with the top five covered by just under a second

The top three in Class D were also covered by a second, with the Indygo Refinishing Fiesta topping the class, followed by the Supatune Motorsport Fiesta and the 93R Motorsport Fiesta. Tom Starkey was best of the rest in fourth in the Supatune Puma.

When the lights went out fast starts from both the BMWs of GNB Racing on pole and the Tylah Motorsport BMW of John Lyne from third, saw them take first and second just before the first corner. A good start also saw the Class C Fiesta of Lewis Denslow jump to third ahead for the Apple Car Centre Renault Clio. This was short lived however as the Class B Clio held it round the outside of Brundle to retake the Fiesta. Denslow still pushing hard was able to keep the Apple Car Centre Clio honest for the next few laps although ultimately not having the speed of the Class B car down the straights.

Further down the field, the PSR Clio bogged down off the line with technical gremlins which lead to its retirement. The pack scattered but all made it past unharmed. This jumbled the field as they looked for clear passage past the PSR car. It was the Class B Norfolk n Chance Clio and the Tylah Motorsport Fiesta that gained the most, with lightning starts getting the pair up from 21 and 22 to 14 and 16 respectively.

In Class D it was the 93R Motorsport Fiesta of Jack Youhill that had the best of the start, up from third in class to class leader in the first lap, closely followed by the Indygo Refinishing Fiesta of Robbins and Horrobin.  

As the pit stops drew close, the Tylah BMW in second on the road, was just able to maintain the gap to the Apple Car Centre Clio, as Honeybone concentrated on the thread from behind. This battle allowed GNB’s Gary Burstow space in free air to pull a gap to the Tylah BMW in second and the Clio and Fiesta battling for third on the road.

In Class D the lead battle was still raging. The Indygo Refinishing and 93R Motorsport were still trading lap times but now joined by the Supatune Fiesta, who was keeping a watchful eye, and slowly taking tenths out of the lead pair.

As the dust settled after the stops, the layout for the lead was much the same. The GNB Racing BMW had managed to maintain the lead following a late stop and the Tylah Motorsport BMW was still able to maintain the gap to the Apple Car Centre Clio, albeit under increasing pressure. When the flag came out it was Burstow who took the win, overall and in Class B. With the Apple Car Centre Clio able to close the gap to the Tylah Motorsport BMW to just half a second on the line

The lead in class C was tight after the stops. An early stop from Tylah Motorsports Dean Hyde in the BMW had allowed him to jump the previously leading car, the Fiesta of Denslow. The Class C leading pair traded lap times over the remaining laps before, a late move into Brundle saw Denslow take the class lead. The battle for the Class win was far from over however with Denslow and Hyde battling to the line to finish just two tenths of a second apart.  Third in Class C was the DLR Motorsport Clio of Rogers and Griffiths, who finished in clear air after a great race with the Class B cars.

Further down the field it was all change, an early stop for the Supatune Motorsport Fiesta and Puma saw them jump the Indygo Refinishing car, and in the case of the Supatune Fiesta the 93R Motorsport Fiesta as well. The fightback was on, with the Indygo Fiesta pushing hard to close the gap before having to retire due to technical difficulties. At this point the run into the Bombhole corner had become particularly slippery and the 93R Fiesta of Jack Youhill span off on the oil. This and the retirement of the Robbins and Horrobin car gifted second in class to Tom Starkey in the Supatune Puma. With the Fiesta of Burden now set for the win, the battle was on for second in class. The recovering Youhill was able to chase down the Supatune Puma and passed it for second with just 4 laps left to go finishing in second in class with the Starkey Puma taking a strong third in class.

Race Report

Race 7: Classes S and A

It was back to business for the Gibbs brothers in the RJ Developments BMW as they claimed a second pole of the season at Silverstone, again ahead of Steve Gales Seat in second. Darren Goes took third in the Mangoes Racing Seat with Snetterton Pole sitter Frugal Racing having to settle for fourth.

In Class A it was Martyn Culley who took class pole in the Goblin Motorsport Cupra R, ahead of Barton Motorsports VW in second and Barrie Culley in the sister Goblin Motorsport Cupra R in third.

As the race starts and the lights went out, it was the BMW of RJ Developments that got the best start, closely followed by the Frugal Racing Caterham that managed to jump both Seat Leon Eurocups off the line. Also with a characteristically good start, was the AutoRevive London BMW who also managed to jump the Seats of Goes and Gales into Copse corner. 

As the cars ran up to turn two Maggotts it was the Seat of Mangoes Racing Darren Goes who looked to be on the move, challenging the identical Seta of OMG’s Steve Gales, Gales obviously unsighted moved to defend sending Goes onto the grass, Narrowly avoiding contact with the AutoRevive BMW. This gifted the sister Mangoes Seat Supercopa of Mangoes Mark Nenadic fourth place, from seventh.

In Class A, it was the VW Cup of Barton Motorsport that had the best getaway, able to jump the Goblin Motorsport Cupra R of Martyn Culley for first in class. Now in front of the Mangoes Racing Seat of Goes as he recovered from the excursion at Maggotts corner. Culley however was right with them and managed to jump the Barton VW before the end of the second lap

The top three, now with a gap to Nenadic in fourth came to Brooklands as one. Team ALN’s Warren Allen managed to jump the Frugal Caterham on the inside of Brooklands to take second place, but this was short lived as the Caterham managed to switch sides to move round the outside into Luffield and regain the position, until Copse when the Cayman of Allen was back up the inside of the Caterham for second once again.

In Class A, Barrie Culley retired his Goblin Motorsport Cupra R from third in class, as the Barton Motorsport VW and Martyn Culley in the sister Goblin Cupra R traded lap times right up to the pit stop window, where Martyn had managed to gap the VW just in time to pit.  

Up to the pit window the BMW of RJ Developments, Porsche Cayman of Team ALN and the Caterham of Frugal Racing fought hard as the Mangoes Racing Super Copa in fourth drew ever-closer. By Lap 11 Nenadic was well and truly at the party as second and third battled it out, ultimately slowing themselves down. In a carbon copy of the opening laps, Nenadic managed to get the Seat up the inside to Brooklands only to have the nimble Caterham round the outside through Luffield. Luckily for the Seat driver he was also able to make the move stick into Copse and held third, just. The recovering sister Mangoes Seat of Darren Goes was now also in the battle for second, and managed to jump the Caterham to challenge the Nenadic car to the pit stop window

After the pit stops, it was the RJ Developments BMW that appeared in the lead, just ahead of the Mangoes Racing Supercopa of Mark Nenadic. The lead cars traded times until the Seat of Nenadic had to take to the pits once more for a drive through penalty due to a short stop. This was the last serious challenge the Gibbs brothers had as Frugal Racing and Team ALN battled for second place, after the Caterham had managed to catch the Porsche. This culminated in a move on the last corner of the last lap as the Frugal Caterham finally found a way past, around the outside of Luffield to just beat the Team ALN Porsche in a drag race to the chequered flag.

Further down the field it was Mangoes Racing’s Nenadic who took fourth in his Supercopa, ahead of the OMG Supercopa of Macleod and Obineche, following Mangoes Racings Darren Goes retirement to the pit lane.

In Class A, drama ensued as Barton Motorsport took the lead and then win in class with seven laps to go as Martyn Culley pulled to the side of the road, retiring the Goblin Cupra R from the class lead.

Race Report

Race 3: Classes B, C and D:

Donington and Snetterton pole sitter GNR Racing’s Gary Burstow made it three for three, as he again claimed pole in a close battle that saw the top four covered by less than a second. Porshce 944’s completed the top three, with the Team AirSupply Porsche just beating the Piranha car. In Class C the Fiestas sandwiched the G&M Motorsport Civic as Deadslow Motorsport took the class pole and Team Norfolk took third. There was a fiesta sandwich in Class D too, as the 93R Motorsport Fiesta took class pole ahead of the Box Fast Racing MINI in second and Supatune Fiesta in third.

Off the line at the start, the Team Airsupply Porsche bogged down, scattering the field behind them. This gave GNB Racing the lead into Copse corner. Just behind the Renault Clio Cup of Apple Car Centre made a great start to draw alongside the Team Hearing Dogs MINI of Pete Jokinen, they stayed side by side until the Jokinen MINI ran wide on the exit of Maggotts corner.  The Class B fight was on though as the Tylah Motorsport BMW, now under pressure from the Apple Car Centre Clio tried to break away from the chasing trio of Deadslow Motorsport, Lego Racing, and G&M Motorsport.

As the cars came up to the pit window, the Deadslow Motorsport had managed to close the gap on the Apple Car Centre Clio as they slowed in traffic, but was unable to pass the Honeybone Clio on the road before pitting – rejoining behind the Redseal Racing BMW of Chris Greenwood and Daniel Seal.

The close racing would continue throughout the field following the pit stops. Gary Burstow, having led for the first half of the race would be looking to convert his pole position into the overall win however Team Air Supply were hoping to claw back some time and make a challenge for the lead, whilst also defending their position from Pete Jokinen in his BMW Cooper S. The pace of Bustow would however prove too much and the distance too great to close over the final laps; the GNB Racing BMW reaching the chequered flag some forty seconds ahead of the Team Airsupply Porsche securing the overall and Class B win with second going to the pairing of Hogg and Wright, themselves just keeping ahead of Jokinen in third.

Further down the field it was the Honda Civic of G&M Motorsport’s Sam Gay and Colin Tester that would claim the Class C win ahead of Kevin Stirling in second and the DLR Motorsport pairing of Tom Rogers and John Griffiths.  The trio of cars carrying every scrap of speed they could in a final dash to the line!  

A strong drive from Phil Burden saw him clinch the Class D victory in his Ford Fiesta followed by Rob Burnham and Tom Starkey in the Supatune Ford Puma. Roger Everett completing the Class podium in the Wings Ltd. Fiesta.

Race Report

Race 3: Class S and A

Qualifying saw the Frugal Racing Caterham take pole from Silverstone Pole sitter RJ Developments, with OMG’s Steve Gales third in the Sear EuroCup. Class A Pole went to a returning Team Bacon Butty, ahead of Goblin Racings Martyn Culley and Lightwork Racings Simon Hands in third.

The Frugal Racing Caterham had the best of the start, followed closely by the RJ Developments and AutoRevive London BMWs. As now expected, a lightning start from the Porsche of Team ALN saw him jump the Seats and get to fourth, capitalizing on Mangoes Racings Mark Nenadic and JK Motorsports Hugh Gurney being squeezed onto the grass off the line.

In Class A it was the bacon Butty Porsche that got away best, the Goblin Racing Seat of Martyn Culley just fending off the Barton Motorsport Golf and Lightwork Racing Lotus in turn just ahead of the sister Goblin Racing Seat of Barrie Culley.

The fight for fourth on the road was heating up, with Mangoes Racings Darren Goes went through on the inside of the Team ALN Porsche at Cascades. This left the door open for Team Meanest on the outside of team ALN at Lakeside. Contact between the Porsche and the BMW now in fifth and sixth put the Team ALN Porsche on the grass, allowing the Seat EuroCup of Steve Gales through on the Porsche just before Shell. Suffering a suspected suspension failure the Team ALN retire from the race just before Druids corner.

The Class A battle for second was fierce. This allowed the Team Bacon Butty Porsche to start to stretch its legs in the class lead, as Barton Motorsports VW Golf and the Goblin Seat of Martyn Culley traded lap times through the early stages of the race.

First pit of the race went to JK Motorsport, as an early trip to the pits was required to clear grass from the radiator. This dropped the BMW down to last on the road and a lap down on the leaders

The heat at Oulton Park was clearly a major factor of the race, this was clear as Mangoes Racing Mark Nenadic retires from the race with overheating issues closely followed by AutoRevive London who had dropped down from third to sixth before being forced to retire from the race with overheating problems.

As the pit window opened it looked like the Team Meanest BMW would fall foul of an early stop but also suffering from technical dramas of their own the BMW was set to retire moments later.

First of the full stops were the Class A’s Barrie Culley in the Goblin Racing Seat and Simon Hands in the Lightwork Racing Lotus, both taking an early stop in an attempt to close the gap on the leading Class A pair after the stops. This opened the flood gates and just one lap later most of the field had headed to the pits.

As the dust settled from the pit window, it was the Caterham of Frugal Racing that had held the lead, just ahead of RJ Developments in second and OMG’s Steve Gales in third. Which is how it stayed to the end, despite a late push from Mangoes Racings Darren Goes in fourth.

After the pit stops the Class A battle was heating up. The Team Bacon Butty Porsche was leading the class comfortably, but as the race drew to an end it was clear that the Goblin Racing Seat had the legs on the Porsche. With the retirement of the Barton Motorsport Golf just after the pit window closed, Class A now looked like a two horse race. Able to take big chunks from the Class A leading Porsche, Martyn Culley in the Goblin Racing Seat ran out of laps as the flag came down to end the tense final lap.


Race Report:

Race 1: Class B, C and D

Qualifying saw a repeat of the same front row that lined up at Silverstone, with GNB Racing’s Gary Burstow taking pole alongside the Team AirSupply Porsche. Class C pole was captured by Dean Hyde in the Tylah Motorsport BMW, ahead of DLR Motorsports pairing John Griffths and Tom Rogers. Class D pole was Supatune Motorsports Fiesta with Mike Rogers and Petra Baeker at the wheel of the car usually reserved for Phil Burden, second was taken by Silverstone pole sitter Jack Youhill with third place held by Clive Goldthorpe on his first trip to Oulton Park.

When the lights went out it was the GNB BMW that got away best, closely followed by the Air Supply Porsche. KU Motorsport had their best start to date by securing second momentarily from the Pair Supply Porsche before having to settle for third from fifth on the grid. A shaky start from the Apple Car centre Clio saw them drop from third on the grid to seventh over the first lap as the fighting pack caught the Honeybone car at the back end of the circuit.

In Class C, the pole sitter Dean Hyde, got away well to mix in with the Class B cars. Team Norfolk’s Kevin Stirling also got away well to jump the DLR Motorsport Clio. As the Class B cars slowly made their way back past Hydes Tylah BMW the chasing Class C pack were able to close him in as well, with the BMW being slower in the traffic.

Following the retirement of Jack Youhill, the remaining three Class D cars got away from the line together. The Supatune Fiesta in the hands of Baeker and Rogers setting the early pace. The Beaufort Fiesta and the Supatune Puma fighting for second and third in class, a battle the Puma would ultimately lead into the pit stop window.

As the pit stop window loomed nearer the top four on the road, and in Class B, were still fighting hard. First to blink was the KU Motorsport Caterham of Dale Cooper, as he came into the pits followed closely by the Amery MINI of Martin Amery and Keith Gibbs. Class B reacted an the Honeybone Clio of Apple Car Centre pitted just one lap later.

Last to stop was GNB Racings Gary Burstow, but a long stop relegated the BMW to seventh from the lead. Also falling foul of a long stop was Class D’s Supatune Motorsports Puma which dropped behind the Beaufort Fiesta, for third in Class D

With GNB Racing now seemingly out of the running it was the Team Air Supply Porsche that emerged in the lead. This was a lead that looked at risk however, with a late charge by Apple Car centre closing in on the Team Air Supply Porsche for the lead. The Clio was able to close the gap down to seven seconds but ultimately ran out of laps to challenge for the lead. Pete Jokinen in the Team Hearing Dogs Mini continued a consistent season with a comfortable third, and a recovering Burstow took the GNB Racing BMW to fourth.

In Class C, Tylah Motorsports Dean Hyde managed to hold the lead coming out of the pit stops. Team Norfolk in second was coming under mounting pressure from DLR Motorsport who managed to pass Team Norfolk for second. This fight allowed Tylah Motorsports Hyde to gap the second place battle. Once in front of Team Norfolk the DLR Clio, showed good pace, trading lap times with Hyde. Unfortunatly the gap built by Hyde was enough and the Tylah car held the lead until the chequered flag.Team Norfolk in turn managed to hold off a late charge by Simon Reed in the OX4 Mini to hold on to third in Class C.

In Class D, it was the Supatune Motorsport Fiesta of Rogers and Baecker who emerge from the pits with a healthy lead over Goldthorpe’s Beaufort Racing Fiesta which was now in second. The battle wasn’t over however as Goldthorpe was lapping faster than the Supatune car for most of the second half of the race. As with the other classes though, the gap was too much and the Supertune Fiesta held on to the Class D lead until the flag. Beaufort took second in class and the Supatune Puma had to settle for third in Class D.

Race Report

Qualifying was a mixed bag. The Frugal Racing Caterham claimed pole ahead of the Seat EuroCup’s of OMG and Mangoes Racing, with less than a second covering the top three. Class A pole was taken by a returning Lakeland Motorsport ahead of the Goblin Racing Seats in second and third in class. Piranha took the Class B pole, with the MINI of Premier Oaklands pipping the GNB and Tylah Motorsport BMW’s for third and fourth.  An excellent lap from Deadslow Motorsport took Class C pole, with DLR Motorsport Team Norfolk, G&M Motorsport and Tylah Motorsports BMW all finishing within six tenths of a second of each other for second to fifth n class. Class D Pole was claimed by 93R Motorsport, ahead of Supatunes Puma and the SGR Clio in third.

As the lights went out it was a slow start from the OMG Seat EuroCup that allowed the fast starting BMW M3 of Autorevive London pair Gardner and Mills round the outside into second, just behind the Frugal Racing Caterham. Also able to capitalise was the Class A leading car of Lakeland Motorsport, who was also able to jump the Seat and climb to fourth over the lead lap.

Class B saw the BMW’s unable to beat the Piranha Porsche off the line, with Tylah Motorsport joined this time by the Premier Oaklands MINI. Both having to follow the Porsche of Bialan and Campbell through Paddock and into Druids, just ahead of GNB Racing.

Class C saw the Fiesta of Deadslow Motorsport keep a commanding class lead. A good start from the G&M Motorsport Civic, put them fourth in class from the start, climbing to third after finding a way past the Team Norfolk Fiesta in the run along pilgrims drop.

In Class D although the pole sitter 93R Motorsport got away well, driver Jack Youhill instantly found himself bunched up behind a slow starter in the midfield, getting stuck behind a Clio then Caterham. This gave a short-lived Class D lead to the Supatune Puma of Starkey and Burnham, before Beaufort Racing Fiesta got past into Graham Hill.

The Caterham and the Autorevive BMW now able to stretch their legs out in front, were starting to gap the field and were taking the Mangoes Racing Seat with them.

Class A leader Ryan Steel in the Lakeland Motorsport Saxo was doing a stellar job in fourth before contact between the Saxo and the recovering OMG Seat EuroCup of Steve Gales at Surtees allowed the Goblin Motorsport Seat of Martyn Culley through for the Class A lead. This was a lead he’d hold until the pit stop window.

In Class B the fight for the lead was tight as Tylah Motorsports John Lyne and Permier Oaklands Racing pari Davy and Clarke had managed to get past the Pirahna Porsche at Dingle Dell in the run up to Sheene to take the class lead and demote the Porsche to third in class. The Class B top three seemingly glued together were racing hard right up to the stops, with the remaining three of the top six just behind, as the BMW’s chased down the Permire Oaklands MINI. They fought over the top six positions until the pit window.

Class C’ s and Tylah Motorsports Dean Hyde was chasing the Deadslow Motorsport Fiesta, and managed to take the class C lead in the run through to Clearways as the cars re-entered the Indy circuit under the bridge. The pair battled with G&M Motorsport until engine gremlins force Deadslow Motorsport to retire from third in class. As the pit stop window neared the G&M Motorsport civic, found a way past the past the Tylah Motorsport Dean BMW at hawthorns for the Class C lead

In Class D the lead was closely fought with SGR Racing challenging Supatune Motorsport in most corners. This was short lived as the SGR Clio was forced to retire with engine failure before the pit stop window. The Fiestas were all over each other as 93R Motorsport, Wings ltd. and Beaufort Racing all traded lap times within seconds of each other and crucially the lead.

Just as the dust was settling from the pit stop window, the Autorevive London BMW had a total suspension failure as it was chasing down the Frugal Racing Caterham and was forced to retire taking the pressure off the class S and race leader.

Martyn Culley now in the Class A lead, reappeared from the pit lane with a healthy lead over the sister Goblin Racing Seat at the hands of Barrie Culley.

From the pit lane it was the GNB Racing BMW that emerged in the lead. This was helped by the rest of Class B fighting over second. With the Apple Car Centre Team, Tylah Motorsports BMW and the Premier Oaklands MINI trading lap times and positions.

G&M Civic ahead of the Tylah Dean BMW after the pits, Dean gets past G&M Motorsport as the leaders come round to lap them

The Supatune Puma kept the class lead after the pit stops and seemed to be able to manage the gap to second. In second was the Fiesta of 93R Motorsport, who under increasing pressure from Beaufort Racing in third place.

As the flag dropped, it was the Caterham of Frugal Motorsport that took a lights to flag victory, ahead of Mangoes Racings Darren Goes in the Seat Eurocup and Warren Allen in the Team ALN Porsche.

Class A was won my sole finisher Martyn Culley, following the effective retirement of the sister Goblin Racing Seat.

The Class B victory went to GNB Racing Gary Burstow, with Second place going to the Premier Oaklands Mini team of Lawrence Davey and Richard Clarke. Third place came down to the wire, with Tylah Motorsports John Lyne finishing just ahead of the chasing Apple Car Centres Clio of Ray and Jordan Honeybone in fourth and Team Darksides Scott Parkin in the Seat Ibiza in fifth, who all crossed the line nose to tail.

Despite a late charge by the G&M Motorsport Civic, they were unable to catch the Tylah Motorsport BMW of Dean Hyde who took the class win ahead of the Civic. The Team Norfolk Fiesta coming home in a comfortable third place.

Class D finished the way it started with the top three in class trading lap limes right to the flag. The Class win was taken by the Supatune Puma of Burnham and Starkey, ahead of the 93R Motorsport Fiesta of Jack Youhill in second and the Beaufort Racing Fiesta of Shaun Andrews

Race Report

Qualifying at Zandvoort was anything but straight forward, with the majority of the teams setting their fastest laps late in the session as they gained more confidence in the new circuit. Overall it was the Class S BMW of AutoRevive London pair Chris Mills and David Gardner who took pole and the Class S lead, ahead of Mangoes Racing’s Darren Goes and Mark Nenadic respectively. Class A Pole went to the sole entry of Barton Motorsport. Class B Pole was clinched by GNB Racings Gary Burstow, despite a late charge from Apple Car Centres Ray and Jordan Honeybone who had to settle for third ahead of Team Air Supplys George and Jack Wright. Class C pole was taken by the Tylah Motorsport Fiesta of Alf Hyde, ahead of the Tylah Motorsport BMW of Dean Hyde, whose session was cut short with distributor issues. Class D pole was captures by 93R Motorsports Jack Youhill, ahead of the Fiesta of Beaufort Racing pair Clive Goldthorpe and Shaun Andrews, with Adrian Norman in the Swan Flight MINI coming in third.

As the cars came off the line, it was the BMW of AutoRevive London pair of Gardner and Mills that held the lead with a great start from pole, with the Mangoes Racing Seat of Darren Goes close on their tail. The sister Mangoes Racing’s Seat of Mark Nenadic however, had a tough start bogging down off the line, and allowing the Team ALN Porsche of Warren Allen into third. When Nanadic got going he was seventh on the road just behind the Class B car of Tylah Motorsports John Lyne on the exit of turn one, Tarzan.

The Class B Battle was close, with GNB Racing, Apple Car Centre, Tylah Motorsport and Team Airsupply, four for the lead over much of the opening section of the race. After an initially good start the Tylah Motorsport BMW ran wide on the exit of Tarzan to allow Apple Car Centre past for second in Class B.   

Up front the top three S Class cars were still pushing hard, the AutoRevive London BMW, keeping the Mangoes Racing Seat and the Team ALN Porsche behind. This appeared to allow the recovering Mangoes Racing Seat of Nenadic to catch the front running cars. Showing real pace, Nenadic was able to pass the Team ALN Porsche of Warren Allen for third on lap three.

The lead in Class B changed on lap three, as the class pole sitter GNB Racing finally caved to the constant pressure of Apple Car Centre, and following a slow exit from turn eight a defensive line and slow run out of turn nine couldn’t keep the Apple Car Centre car at bay and the Renault was through on the brakes into turn ten. This was a lead they would retain as the BMW of GNB Racing developed engine issues.

Class C was the battle of the Tylah Motorsport cars, with Alf Hyde in the Tylah Motorsport Fiesta taking the advantage in the early exit in qualifying of stablemate Dean Hyde in the Tylah Motorsport BMW. With limited laps under his belt Dean managed to recover and claim the Class C lead on lap three.

Class D got away well, and held their position from qualifying in the early stages of the race. Drama struck though as the Fiesta of 93R Motorsports Jack Youhill came to strife six laps in with a wheel stud failure. This allowed Beaufort Racing into the lead, followed by the SwanFlight MINI in second.

Mangoes Racing now catching the sister Mangoes racing car of Goes, passed in a perfectly choreographed manoeuvre on the start finish straight on lap seven for second in class and overall.  This released the Nenadic Seat to chase down the leading Autorevive BMW. This was short lived however as the Nenadic Seat came into the pits just before the pit stops with a tyre issue.

When the dust settled from the pit stop window, it was the Autorevive London BMW who emerged in the lead. This lead seemed too much for the Seat of Goes who brought the Seat home in second place after a late charge. Warren Allen took third in the Team ALN Porsche.

Following a close race on track, Tylah Motorsports John Lyne managed to jump the Team Air Supply Porsche in the pit lane for second in class. This was how they stayed as the BMW managed to gap the Porsche but couldn’t catch the leading Clio. Over the line it was Apple Car Centre, ahead of the Tylah Motorsport BMW and the Team Air Supply Porsche in third.

Class D was won by Beaufort Racing, pair Andrews and Goldthorpe in the Fiesta, followed home by Adrian Norman in the Swan Flight MINI.

Race Report

Class A & S

The final qualifying session of the 2018 Trackday Championship season proved increasingly competitive with teams desperate to find every last tenth they could to put them further towards the front of the grid. With times tumbling througouth the session Warren Allen in the Team ALN Porsche Cayman looked set to secure pole position however a late flying lap by the Frugal Racing pairing of Callum McDougall and Ben Simonds on their penultimate lap saw the Caterham sitting at the top of the time sheets. Martyn Culley was the quickest of the Class A entrants in the Goblin Racing Seat Leon leading the Barton Motorsport Gold and the second of the Goblin Motorsport Seat Leons driven by Barrie Culley.

A clean getaway by the Frugal Racing Caterham of McDougal and Simonds saw them leading the pack over the opening lap, with the Team ALN Porsche Cayman of Warren Allen following closely. A fantastic start by the RJ Developments BMW saw them up into third from sixth on the grid, passing the struggling OMG Seat Leon Eurocup of Steve Gales.

The Barton Motorsport VW Golf of Nick and Les Barton would also gain ground from the start, passing fellow Class A competitor Martyn Culley on the opening lap however Culley was soon up to speed and closing back up to the class leading Golf before retaking the position on lap four.

The Frugal Racing Caterham was happily extending its lead as the chasing cars jostled for position, the RJ Developments BMW finding a way past the Porsche Cayman on lap four with Darren Goes following suit shortly afterwards in the Mangoes Racing Seat Leon Eurocup. The BMW and Leon Eurocup continued to push lap after lap in relentless pursuit of the race leading Caterham.

Despite building a comfortable lead the Frugal Racing Caterham was brought back into the pack courtesy of a drive through penalty; the Caterham returning to the circuit behind the RJ Developments BMW and Mangoes Racing Leon Eurocup.

The battle for the overall race and Class S win would rage on for the remainder of the race with the RJ development pairing of Ryan and Jim Gibbs just holding out to the chequered flag! An intense track battle between the Eurocup of Darren Goes and the Frugal Racing Caterham would culminate in a full throttle drag race to the finish line – the Eurocup just edging ahead under as both cars reached the finish line!

Martyn Culley would take the chequered flag for the Class A win in the Goblin Racing Seat Leon, Nick and Les Barton would cross the line second in the Barton Motorsport VW Golf with Barrie Culley completing the class podium in the second of the Goblin Racing entries.


Race Report:

Class B, C & D

For the final race of the season it would be Gary Littlewood in the LWD Racing Renault Clio starting from pole, joined on the front row by the SW Motorsports Honda Civic Type-R of Evans and Schofield. The father and son team of Ray and Jordan Honeybone in their Renault Clio would start from the second row alongside John Lyne in the Tylah Motorsport BMW E36. Sam Gay was the quickest of the Class C entrants putting his Honda Civic onto row three for the race start. With the top six separated by less than a second the stage was set for an exciting season finale!

Despite pole-sitter Littlewood getting away cleanly from the start it was the SW Motorsports Civic Type-R that would lead the field into Paddock Hill bend for the first time, followed by the Tylah Motorsport BMW of John Lyne and Ray Honeybone in the Apple Car Centre Renault Clio. This leading trio would begin to open a gap to the chasing pack over the opening lap however this was short lived as the field was soon brought back together under safety car.

Following the brief safety car period the race would resume with the SW Motorsports leading however a decisive move by Honeybone would see the Apple Car Centre Clio pass the civic on the inside at Druids; the Tylah car looked to follow suit however the gap taken by the Clio was swiftly closed.

The Class D Beaufort Racing Ford Fiesta of Shaun Andrews and Clive Goldthorpe, although starting from eleventh on the grid, had gained three places over the first racing lap passing fellow Class D competitors Roger Everett and Chris Broad in the Wings Ltd. Ford Fiesta. The Class B OMG Racing Caterham of Chris Payne, out of position following qualifying earlier that morning, was quickly working its way up through the order however the a determined drive from the Beaufort Racing pair slowed Payne’s progress, the Caterham finding a way past on lap ten. 

G&M Motorsports Sam Gay was under pressure from the start in his Civic Type-R; a great start by the DLR Racing Clio of Griffiths and Rogers saw them pass the Civic on the approach to turn one with Alf Hyde in the Tylah Motorsport Fiesta looking to follow suit on the inside. The Class D BoxFast Racing MINI Cooper of Chris White and Gary Bradbury were busy amongst the Class C machinery and happily holding their own!

The pit window opening signalled the start of a very busy period in the Brands Hatch pit lane as teams and drivers prepared to receive their cars for the mandatory stops and driver changes – a well timed pit stop could be a defining factor in which teams came out on top in the second half of the race!

Having kept a relatively ‘low profile’ for the first half of the race the Team Turtle pairing of Tommy Griffiths and Kester Cook opted to pit early, a decisive move that meant they could take full advantage of a number of quieter laps with less traffic on their return to the circuit. The Integra has soon caught onto the back of the battling G&M Motorsports Civic and DLR Clio. The Clio and Civic exchanging position over a number of closely fought laps with the Integra edging ever closer before making a move to pass the Clio on the inside at clearways before going on to pass the Civic on the outside at paddock!

Having held onto the race lead through the pit stop window; Jordan Honeybone behind the wheel of the Apple Car Centre Clio was in engaged in an intense battle with Tylah Motorsports John Lyne for the overall race and Class B win! Fantastic racing from both drivers culminated in a final charge to the finish line with the Honeybone Clio crossing the line just three tenths of a second ahead of the Tylah Motorsport BMW to secure the overall and Class B win with Evans and Schofield in the SW Motorsports Civic completing the Class B podium.

Cook and Griffiths were the first of the Class C entries to reach the chequered flag in the Team Turtle Integra followed by Alf Hyde in the Tylah Motorsport Ford Fiesta and Sam Gay in the G&M Motorsport Civic.

The Class D win would go to BoxFast Racing’s Gary Bradbury and Chris White with SGR Motorsport’s Steven Kelly and Shaun Haddrell claiming second with Phil Burden in the Supatune Ford Puma finishing third in class.

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