2017 Results

TDC is a championship which offers a competitive, yet fun and friendly, environment for production saloon, hatchback, and sports car racers to enjoy.

  • 2017 Results

2017 Results

Race Report

Qualifying painted a familiar picture as it once again highlighted how competitive the class battles were in TDC. This was compounded by the one lap pace of some drivers, with Simon Clark able to split up the S Class Cars with his Class A Porsche Boxster. Qualifying pace of the Supatune MR2 also shone through, with a super effort by the team of Timpson and Tester putting the Toyota fourteenth on the grid, just under a second ahead of their closest rival. The Class D team of Cooper and Kellett also took their class pole in the Simply Car Sales Ford Fiesta.

With the top five on the grid covered by less than a second it was going to be a tight race!

When the lights went out it was the RWD cars as expected that got away the best at the front, swamping the Seat of Goes who bogged down on the line.

With the top cars all fighting for the inside line, there was contact between the Mangoes Racing Seat and the Racing with Prestige MR2, spinning the MR2 who collected the Auto Revive London BMW in the run down to Redgate; only a great piece of awareness and avoidance by M3F’s Mark Flower keeping the then leading BMW out of the melee, however the resulting trip across the gravel ultimately led the BMW to rejoin the circuit in the lower mid pack.

As the cars scrambled for position following the first corner incident it was the Class A Porsche Boxster of Clark racing that took the lead at the front, followed closely by the Seat of Goes and the Fiesta of Big Skidz Racing Teams Kester Cook. A brilliant start by the Class B Supatune Motorsport MR2 left them fourth, up from fourteenth on the grid!

As the leaders came out of Coppice for the first time the Safety car was scrambled neutralising the race. Over the line it was the Clarke Racing Boxster that led the Mangoes Racing Seat and Cook’s Fiesta, just ahead of the still-in-fourth Class B Supatune Racing MR2. Class C was headed up by the Tylah Motorsport Ford Fiesta of Alf Hyde in fifteenth up from twenty seventh on the grid, and Class D in turn by the Simply Car Sales Ford Fiesta of John Cooper and Alastair Kellett.

On the re-start it was the Clark Racing Porsche who caught Goes napping to sprint across the line with a second and a half lead. Cook pushing the Seat along the start line in the fiesta fractionally ahead of the Supatune MR2. Goes went defensive into Redgate but managed to regroup through the Craner Curves before having to go defensive through Starkeys Bridge and Schwantz Curve as Cook launched another attack.

Clark only managed to keep the Seat of Goes at bay until lap three, where a well planned move on the outside of Schwantz Curve allowed Goes the inside line into McLeans and the race lead. Clark wasn’t finished there and piled on the pressure for the next few laps. Just behind the BMW 235i had found a way past the Supatune MR2, bringing the VW Golf of Hobson and Sharp along with it, and was starting to put pressure Cook’s Fiesta.

The Class C battle took off following the restart with the Clio of Nofolk n’ Chance, Tylah Motorsports Fiesta and the Clio of PSR fighting hard in the run up to the pit stop window. PSR were ultimately able to gap the others before the round of pit stops.

As the pit window neared the Class A battle was heating up, as Lakeland Motorsports Ryan Steel was slowly catching the Hobson and Sharp VW Golf.

With the pit window now open it was Cook in the Fiesta who blinked first, opting for an early stop. This was a tactic adopted by Class A’s Luke Allen Racing in the Civic and Class D’s Moores Motors Fiesta.

On track, Steel in the Lakeland Motorsport Saxo managed to jump the Hobson and Sharp VW golf in the back markers just prior to the pair pitting on the same lap. A longer pit stop frustratingly for Steel, allowed the VW past, as the pair exited the pits to re-start the battle on track; the Saxo once again chasing down the VW.  

A Safety Car period was called late in the pit stop window, to recover the stricken Metro of Millard Motorsport which had found its way into the gravel trap at the hairpin. This was of little help to most as many had opted to pit early, however it did allow the GNB BMW of Burstow to jump the Team Air Supply Porsche of Wright and Wright and the fast starting Supatune Motorsport MR2 to take the class lead following the pit window. This was a lead Burstow maintained until the end to take the class win.

In Class A, Simon Clark took a convincing class win, and second overall. Lakeland Motorsports Steel still chasing the Hobson and Sharp VW hard made his move towards the end of the race when the VW made a mistake at Roberts taking a trip across the gravel under the ever mounting pressure. This also allowed the Porsche Of McQ Motorsport past for third in class.

GNB’s Gary Burstow managed to hold his advantage from the pit window to taking the class win ahead of John Lyne in the Tylah Motorsport VW Golf who in turn managed to pass the Supatune Motorsport on the penultimate lap to claim second in class.

The Class C battle continued to rage with the Norfolk Clio chasing down the PSR car and finally making the pass with five laps to go. Tylah Motorsports Alf Hyde took a comfortable third in class following the OX4 MINI of Simon Reed suffering a pit stop penalty for a short stop.

Class D gave a light to flag victory for the Simply Car Sales Ford Fiesta. It was closer for second with the Moores Motors Fiesta of Paul Burn jumping the Supatune Puma of Jason Francis, however a short pit stop infringement for the Moores Motors car gave the position and second in class back to Francis in the Puma.


Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1Mangoes RacingS34  
2Clark RacingA34  
3Lakeland MotorsportA29
4MCQ MotorsportA27
6HSR / Track Focus / SandsfootA23
7Team Bacon Butty RacingA21
8M3f RacingS15
9Team ALNA16
10Luke Allen RacingA13
11Core RacingA10
12GNB RacingB10
13Norfolk n ChanceC10 
14Mangoes RacingS3
15Tylah MotorsportB5
16Supatune MotorsportB4 
18Team Air SupplyB3 
19Apple Car CentreB1
20Tylah MotorsportC5
21Barton MotorsportA2
22Ox4 RacingC4
24Simply CarsD5  
25Tylah MotorsprtC2
26Supatune MotorsportD2
27Pirtek Harlow RacingC1
28Moores MotorsD1
30HT RacingCDNF
31Big Skidz Racing TeamSDNF
32Frugal RacingADNF
33Millard MotorsportADNF
34Amery MotorsportBDNF
35JustPlay RacingSDNF
36AutoRevive LondonSDNF
37Racing with PrestigeSDNF
38Tylah MotorsportBDNS
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.

Race Report

Qualifying was anything but uniform on the difficult Snetterton 200 circuit. The mix of long straights with hairpins and chicanes leading onto them proved to narrow the gap between the Classes as some cars struggled to put down their power and others managed well. Indeed it was the Class A car of Clark Racing who jumped to overall pole with just 3 minutes left on the clock.

With the chequered flag out showing the end of session; it was Mangoes Racings Darren Goes who, still out on a hot lap, managed to capture pole by three tenths of a second! This lasted less than a minute however as the AutoRevive London BMW snatched pole away by just 9 hundredths to sit at the top of the table for the first time.

Further down the field, it was Colin Tester in the Supatune MR2 taking Class B pole, one tenth ahead of Class rival GNB Racing's Gary Burstow. With the sister Supatune car taking the Class D pole, beating the three Class D Fiestas to the top spot.

There was drama on the Green Flag lap as the Clark Racing Porsche stalled on the line taking a moment to move off. With all cars managing to regain their positions prior to the back straight but the Porsche made its way into the Pit Lane, where it started the race with an apparent technical issue.

When the lights went out it was the Autorevive London BMW leading the pack, followed by Mangoes Racing’s Darren Goes. The OMG BMW of Steve Gales also taking full advantage of his RWD and the apparent advantage left by the space on the second row of the grid by the absent Clark Racing Porsche.

Also able to take advantage of the extra space at the front was the Class B Supatune MR2 of Colin Tester, up four places by the first corner. GNB Racing’s Gary Burstow followed the class rival MR2 through the first few corners also making up to four spaces from the grid.

Further down the grid a great start for the Simply Cars Fiesta saw them jump the Wings/Ret car of Roger Everett and the Supatune Puma of Jason Francis, Francis later retiring with a puncture. 

Contact between the Mangoes Racing Seat and the OMG BMW at Wilson, dropped the pair down the field allowing the chasing Fiesta of Kester Cook to take advantage and jump into second. Gifting the AutoRevive London BMW a big lead as the pack headed onto the back straight.

A phantom “Safety Car” board at the back of the circuit caused the pack to close up as the confusion slowed the pack. As the racing resumed it was Goes in the Seat who took the advantage and passed Cook in the Fiesta into turn one.

A fierce battle ensued between the Leading BMW of Gardner and Mills and the Seat of Goes, with Goes finally finding a way past on the third lap. Not to be out done, Cook in the Big Skidz Racing Fiesta launched his own attack, and managed to find a way past the BMW with a well timed pass into Brundle. This was not the end however and the pair continued to trade places until the pit stop window, with Cook pitting early in the hope of rejoining in clear air.

GNB Racing’s Burstow, managed to keep the Supatune Motorsport MR2 honest through the first part of the race, respectively losing and then gaining through their battles with the surrounding Class A cars.  This battle was ahead of the main Class B group of Tylah Motorsport’s Golf and BMW, headed by the Team Air Supply Porsche 944.

In Class C the Tylah Motorsport Fiestas class lead was coming to an end as the Fiesta of team Norfolk chasing hard closed the gap. The battling continued until the Team Norfolk Fiesta managed to find a way past on lap four, pulling away from the Tylah Motorsports car as it battled to stay in front of the LWD Racing Clio.  The HoojSlide Gold of pairing Gerrard and Lock not much further down the road

The Class D battle was close, with the Moores Motors Fiesta pitting early to get the jump on their rivals. The two rival Class D Fiestas reacting and pitting together on the next lap.

After the pit stop window it was Goes in front who appeared to be managing the gap. A late charge by Cook in the Fiesta spurred on by a charging Autorevive London BMW closed the gap to the leader but it was Goes who crossed the line first to take a second win of the season.

The Tylah Class B cars battling amongst themselves allowed the Air Supply Porsche to gap them slightly into the pit stop window. This proved to be pivotal as the Porsche reappeared on circuit following the pit stops in a strong second position following the retirement of GNB Racing’s BMW with an engine fault. The Supatune MR2 in the end managing a lights to flag victory in class.

The Class C battle was on, as the PSR car found itself on the same part of the circuit as team Norfolk! In a flurry of attacking and defensive driving that lasted until the flag. With ten laps to go it was the PSR Clio who took advantage of an unsighted team Norfolk Fiesta on the entry to Murrys as the pair let the charging Class A Porsche of Clark Racing through. Team Norfolk was still casing hard, but the PSR car of Wood and Danzey managed to hold on till the end to take the class victory.

Following the pit stops the Class D victory was there for the taking. Wings/Ret’s Everett pushing hard against the Simply cars Fiesta fought till the end trading lap times through the second phase off the race, but it was Cooper who managed to negotiate the traffic, to gap Everett, a gap he maintained until the end.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1Mangoes RacingS33 
2Big Skidz Racing TeamS28
3AutoRevive LondonS25 
4Lakeland MotorsportA27
5Clark RacingA27  
6Frugal RacingA23
7MCQ MotorsportA20
8Supatune MotorsportB21  
9Team Air SupplyB16
10Windgat RacingA13
11Tylah MotorsportB11
12Tylah MotorsportB8
13Team Bacon Butty RacingA6
14LWD RacingB4
16team NORFOLKC8  
17HT RacingC6
18Kingston UniversityB0
19Ox4 RacingC5
21Team Banana RacingB1
22Tylah MotorsprtC3
23Team DruC2
24HSR / Track Focus / SandsfootA2
25Simply CarsD4 
26Wings/Ret ltdD2
27Pirtek Harlow RacingC1
28Moores MotorsD1
29Barton MotorsportA1
30Tylah MotorsportCDNF
31GNB RacingBDNF
33Norfolk n ChanceCDNF
34Apple Car CentreBDNF
36Supatune MotorsportD1 
37Mangoes RacingSDNS
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.

Race Report

The start wasn’t the time to have a Seat, with both the Mangoes Racing Seat Leon and the OMG Seat Leon bogging down when the lights went out. This allowed the Autorevive BMW to take the lead as the cars rounded the first corner, with a four way battle for second on the road including Mangoes Racing, Racing with Prestige and the leading Class A cars of Luke Allen Racing and Frugal racing. Windgat Racing had a ringside seat, having jumped the OMG Seat before it set off.

Both leading Class B cars managed to make good starts, making the most of their RWD off the line. This saw the pair jump a number of Class A vehicles in the first lap. With the Supatune MR2 just ahead of GNB’s BMW, it was Burstow who lost out as the Class A cars started to fight back through the field in the following laps; allowing the MR2 to escape down the road. 

Norfolk n’ chance, also had a lightening start, taking the outside line through Copse and passing the Clio of HT, and VW Golf of Hoojslide to take the Class C lead by Beckets.

With the Seat of Goes having recovered and the Class S MR2 following him off up the track, Class A were able to resume the battle for the class lead! Luke Allen and Frugal fight for third, quickly joined by the Windgat Seat Leon. Allen found a way past the Caterham on the Wellington Straight, before the Seat of Windgat Racing passing the Caterham on the Pit Straight.

The Puma of Francis and Supatune had a poor start and found himself passed by the Fiestas. The Simply Cars having a characteristically good start to take the Class Lead.

Cook joined the fight for fourth, making his way past the leading Class A cars in Brooklands and Woodcote. This allowed the Seat of Windgat to get a run on the Luke Allen Racing Civic down the pit straight, a move the Seat completed before Copse.

With the Cass B lead battle holding a steady gap, the fight was on for third in class. Tylah Motorsport’s VW Golf and BMW E30 were taking on the Team Banana Clio of Broad and Jackson-Moore. The trio traded spaces right up to the pit stop window, with the E30 entering the pit window just in front of the Clio.

Class C was heating up with the Clio of HT Racing along with the Golf of Hoojslide able to catch Norfolk N Chance as they battled with the Fiesta of Apple Car Centre. HT Racing’s Clio made a pass up the inside of Apple Car Centre in Brooklands, managing to carry the momentum along the pit straight to jump up the inside of Norfolk N Chance into Copse. The next lap, Apple Car centre in turn managed to find a way past Norfolk N Chance along the Wellington straight, this fight allowing the HT Racing car to break away.

In Class D, it was Burn and Everett together as Burn fought hard to find a way past but the cars were evenly matched down the straights. Just ahead the silver puma of Jason Francis, having now recovered from the start, was chasing the Class D leading Simply Cars, who had managed to build a gap as the leaders rounded to catch the field.  

The Class S Battle; with Goes having caught and passed the Autorevive BMW, had stabilised with the Auto Revive BMW able to maintain the gap to the Racing with Prestige MR2 of Jones and Jones. Cook in the Big Skidz Fiesta chasing hard in the Fiesta.

Frugal Racing was still fighting with Windgat for the Class A lead the pair fought side by side through Woodcote down the Pit Straight and into Copse! Windgat managed to win the race into Becketts on the inside line to reclaim the class lead.

Further down the field, a late charge heading to the pit stop window from Gary Burstow had narrowed the gap in the fight for the Class B lead.

In Class C a three way battle had begun with the PSR Clio battling the Norfolk n’ Chance Clio fractions ahead of the team Norfolk Fiesta who had also joined the mix. After countless laps of side by side action the PSR Clio managed to make the move stick into Becketts, successfully fighting off the counter attack into Brooklands and Copse on the following lap. The “Norfolk Derby” was now on, and the two Norfolk teams; team Norfolk and Norfolk n Chance, continued to swap positions until the pit window.

 As the dust settled following the pit window, it was Goes who appeared back from the pits in the lead of the Race and Class S, all be it with a substantial lead following the retirement in the pits of the Autorevive BMW. It was down to the MR2 of Jones and Jones, who lead the charge. In true “it’s not over till the flag” fashion, goes retired with an apparent puncture on lap 37, with three laps to go!

Having battled since the pit stops for the second spot in Class A, Windgat suffered an apparent problem, and lost out to MCQ Motorsport and the OMG BMW into Brooklands. The OMG BMW and MCQ Motorsport Porsche continued to fight for second in class, followed by the HSR Golf passing through just behind. Windgat retiring soon after, followed by HSR dropping back to 7th in class with technical gremlins,. Gales in the OMG BMW had to settle for 3rd in Class A as the Porsche of Jamie McHugh too the second spot and with it the temporary lead of the Championship.

A late stop worked well for GNB’s Burstow, who emerged from the pits now in the class lead. This was a lead he managed to maintain to the flag with the Supatune MR2 now coming under increasing pressure from the Tylah Motorsport BMW of Dean Hyde. A big push to the flag from Hyde saw him come extremely close to the second spot in class but it was the Supatune Motorsport car at the hands of Timpson and Tester who managed to hold on, meaning Hyde had to settle for third on the line.

The Clio of PSR and Fiesta of team Norfolk again found themselves on fighting through the back markers following the pit stops. In a reversal of fortunes from Snetterton it was the team Norfolk Fiesta who got the jump on the PSR car able to battle on through the pack to take second in Class C.

A late stop for the Puma of Francis paid dividends as he emerged from the pit stop in front of the Simply cars Fiesta of Cooper. This was a lead he managed to maintain until the flag, with the team of Broad and Everett beating the Moores Motors Fiesta of Burn to the flag.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1Racing with PrestigeS31
2Big Skidz Racing TeamS27
3Frugal RacingA29
4MCQ MotorsportA27
6GNB RacingB24 
7Team ALNA20
8Team Bacon Butty RacingA17
9Luke Allen RacingA15 
10HSR / Track Focus / SandsfootA11
11Supatune MotorsportB13 
12Tylah MotorsportB9
13Tylah MotorsportB6
14LWD RacingB4
15HT RacingC9  
16Team Banana RacingB1
17team NORFOLKC6
19Ox4 RacingC6
21Norfolk n ChanceC4
22Barton MotorsportA1
23Tylah MotorsportC3
24Tylah MotorsprtC2
25Pirtek Harlow RacingC1
26Supatune MotorsportD6  
27Simply CarsD3
28Wings/Ret ltdD2
29Moores MotorsD1
30Mangoes RacingS2  
31Windgat RacingADNF
32AutoRevive LondonSDNF
33Apple Car CentreBDNF
35Kingston UniversityBDNF
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.

Race Report

Qualifying was the battle of the brave as the Rockingham circuit proved to close the gap between the classes right off the bat! The front row was shared between Darren Goes in the Class S Pole Sitting Leon Cup car and Class A’s McDougal and Simonds in the Caterham Supersport. Further down the field Class B pole was captured by the Wright pair in the Porsche 944, just ahead of Gary Burstow in the BMW. Class C pole was taken by Howes and Stirling Fiesta, with a Fiesta also taking Class D pole in the hands of the team of Cooper and Kellett.

As the lights went out for the start of the race, the Seat of Goes bogged down on the line and was quickly swamped by the second row, just able to hold off the fast starting Class B Porsche of George and Jack Wright. The long run down to turn two, the Deene Hairpin, proved a little too much for the Caterham Supersport who was caught through the flat turn one, by both the Clark Racing Porsche Boxster and the AutoRevive London BMW, the recovering Goes managed to find the open inside line into Deene, getting it stopped on the apex to claw back to second in turn two from what was fourth off the line. Now leading, the Clark Racing Porsche left the door open into Yentwood and Goes didn’t need an invite to capitalise and took the lead, Frugal racing in the Caterham was hot on the heels of Goes but couldn’t find a way past Clarke so slotted back in for third and second in class down the School Straight. Just at this point a slow Seat between Deene and Yentwood triggered a Safety Car period.

The Class B Porsche of Jack and George Wright found their way to the front of the pack, but the outside line through Deene meant they were pushed out of the top 5 on the exit of the corner, getting to the safety car flags and sign in seventh overall just behind the Firsta of Cook; but crucially with a car between them and the second in Class B BMW of Burstow.

The top two in Class C stayed the same, with the Fiesta of Howes / Stirling and the Clio of Wood getting good starts off the line. Further back in the class it was the Mini of Reed and again the Fiesta of Tylah Motorsport’s Alf Hyde who capitalised at the start both managing to pass the Norfolk n Chance Clio of Harding and Slater.

Simply cars were out in front in Class D, with the battling Supatune Puma and Wings Ret ltd Fiesta just behind.

The Safety car joined the track at speed to collect the leaders before danger, just as the Seat moved off from its stationary position! In an attempt to return to racing quickly we saw a lap that was well and truly won by the BMW Safety Car as it negotiated the circuit at speed allowing Goes to control the pace for the re-start. Goes went at Tarzan Hairpin taking the top four cars with him.

After fighting off a challenge into the Deene Hairpin, the Frugal Racing Caterham now had to chase down the leaders; catching them by the end of the lap but losing out down the straight. It was three for the lead and a technical battle ensued, with the Caterham faster than the Porsche and Seat on the infield but slower on the long banking.

With the Class B leaders a little further down the road at the re-start the fight for third in class was left to the Tylah Motorsport pair of Lyne in the Golf, Hyde in the BMW followed by the Kingston University Caterham of Cooper, the Clio of Jackson-Moore/Broad and the Apple Car Centre Fiesta of Honeybone.

Following the safety car the PSR Clio managed to get the jump on the team Norfolk Fiesta, a lead that despite the best efforts of the Norfolk pair the PSR Clio managed to maintain until the pit window. Further down in the Class the Norfolk n Chance Clio had recovered to fourth in class managing to battle past the not rear bumper-less Fiesta of Tylah Motorsport following a trip over the kerbs.

With Simply cars out in front, the battle for Class D second position was heating up as the Supatune Puma and the Fiesta of Wings Ret matched each other’s lap times, separated by let than half a second.

The frugal racing Caterham managed to find a way past Clark in Gracelands, gapping the Porsche just enough to hold off the attack into Deene Clark then had a moment in Tarzan allowing the leading pair to escape down the circuit. For the time being at least it was two for the lead.

As the lead pair started trading places they allowed the Porsche of Clark to catch them again. Through the back markers and on the third time of asking the Frugal Caterham managed to find a way past Goes’ Seat and thanks to an off at Brook for the Class S car, made it stick this time into the Deene Hairpin. This was a lead they maintained until the pit stop.

Clark Racing were first to blink at the front in an attempt to jump their rivals, Goes reacting just one lap later to pit from second. The Frugal Racing Caterham now having has a full lap on their own came into the pit lane. When the two minutes were up it was business as usual with the Caterham , Porsche and Seat line a stern as the Caterham rejoined from the pit lane! This proved short lived however as a drive through penalty for Goes and a moment in the back markers for Clark spread the field back out.

With the pit window open it was Jack and George Wright in the lead of Class B, with a big lead over GNB’s Burstow in the BMW. Best of the Class B rest was Dean Hyde in the Tylah Motorsport BMW who pitted first to fend off the chasing pack.

The pit window once again brought the top 5 in Class C together again as in a reaction to the team Norfolk pit stop on lap 12, the then top four all dived into the pit lane just one lap later!

Just as the Puma of Francis started to gap the Everett/Broad Fiesta, the Class D battle started being caught by the front running cars. As the pit window opened it was the Puma who came unstuck at Deene, in an incident with the lapping cars caused the Puma to retire, effectively handing second in class to the chasing Fiesta.

Re-appearing from the pits having taken his drive though penalty Goes now found himself in fifth, and crucially behind Class S rivals AutoRevive London and Big Skidz Racing Team. Goes managed to find a way past the BMW on the next lap, but the Fiesta of Cook, 2016’s race winner, would be harder to pass. Goes tried and failed for two laps to pass the Fiesta until a big moment under braking for Pif-Paf past the Fiesta onto the grass allowing Goes, the AutoRevive BMW and Lakeland Motorsports Saxo past. 

The Class B battle was heating up as Burstow in the GNB Racing BMW appeared from the pit lane second in class, with just two cars between himself and the Class B leading Porsche, who seemed to be managing the gap. The top two were out on their own as the two Tylah stalemates fought for third in Class B.

The pit stops, and subsequent penalty set the tone for the top 5 and the Class S and A battles, as it was Frugal Racing in the Class A Caterham that took the win just ahead of the Class A Porsche of Clark Racing. Goes took the Class S win and third overall with Class S second going to Kester Cook in the Big Skidz Racing Fiesta after the AutoRevive BMW got turned around in back markers at Brook.

In Class B it was charging GNB Racing’s Gary Burstow who had to settle for second in class and 11th on the track by less than a second to Team Airsupply in the Porsche. Dean Hyde in the BMW came home in third just ahead of Tylahs John Lyne and Ray Honeybone.. 

Following the stops Class C spread out with just the top two in contention for the win. Team Norfolk and PRS battled it out until the end but it was the PSR Clio who held out for the Class victory, team Norfolk coming home a very close second. Norfolk n Chance found their way to a convincing third in class.


Class D was headed by the Cooper and Kellett Fiesta followed home by the Wings Ret ltd Fiesta of Everett and Broad.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1Frugal RacingA37  
2Clark RacingA32
3Mangoes RacingS28  
4Lakeland MotorsportA27
5Big Skidz Racing TeamS21
6AutoRevive LondonS18
7HSR / Track Focus / SandsfootA20
8Team Bacon Butty RacingA17
9Team ALNA14
10Team Air SupplyB17  
11GNB RacingB13
12MCQ MotorsportA7
13Tylah MotorsportB9
14Tylah MotorsportB8
15Apple Car CentreB6
16Team Banana RacingB4
17Kingston UniversityB3
19team NORFOLKC7 
20Supatune MotorsportB2
21Norfolk n ChanceC5
22HT RacingC4
23LWD RacingB1
24Ox4 RacingC4 
25Tylah MotorsprtC2
26Pirtek Harlow RacingC1
27Simply CarsD4  
28Wings/Ret ltdD1
29Barton MotorsportA1
32Tylah MotorsportCDNF
33Supatune MotorsportDDNF
34Windgat RacingADNS
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.

Race Report

Qualifying was a mixed bag. The session started dry, but as the lead cars rounded the last corner on lap three the rain came. This as would be expected played into the hands of the cars able to get a fast lap in straight away with the top 20 cars all getting their “hot lap” on lap 2 or 3! It was Darren Goes in the Mangoes Racing Seat who took the overall Pole, ahead of Class A front runner Simon Clark in the Clark Racing Porsche. Class C leader took full advantage of the situation to take 7th overall, just ahead of the Class B pole sitter Team Air Supply. Class D was lead by the Simply Cars duo of John Cooper and Alastair Kellett

When the lights went out it was the RWD Porsche of Clark Racing who got off to the best start, stealing the march on the pack with a convincing lead into Richies. Goes in the Seat again bogged down from the start, allowing the Caterham of Frugal racing to get in front and the Lakeland Motorsport Saxo of Ryan Steel alongside.  

Already starting out of position, the leading Class C Clio of PSR managed a good launch but got boxed in by the slower starting cars in front allowing the pack through into the first corner. The fast starting and Class B lead Kingston University Caterham, jumping them on the second phase of the start and taking Tylah Motorsports John Lyne and The Team Air Supply Porsche of Jack and George Wright, for second and third in Class B respectively.

This movement on the allowed the Class C cars of PSR, team Norfolk, HT Racing and Norfolk n’ Chance to bunch up. A brave move round the outside from the Norfolk n’ Chance Clio saw Slater go from fourth in class to the class lead in Richies as the HT Racing Clio lost out under breaking.

The Class D trio left the line as they had started, with the Simply Cars Fiesta trading lap times with the Supatune Puma but ultimately able to gap the second in class Jason Francis.

Burstow in the GNB BMW had a great start to the race, with the BMW climbing from 23rd on the grid to second in class and tenth on the road by the second lap! This started a three way battle for the Class lead with fellow Class B racers, Team Air Supply in the Porsche and the Kingston University Caterham.

As the race continued, it was the PSR Clio who was able to pull a couple of seconds on the three other class runners as he managed to find a way past Tylah Motorsports John Lyne while still under pressure from the Norfolk n’ Chance and team Norfolk cars. This proved pivotal as the pit window opened.

Seeing that the pit window was immanent the Supatune Puma brought the gap down to Class D leader to just two seconds.

As the pit window opened, it was the Mangoes Racing Seat that pitted first from the lead, followed in by the Porsche of Simon Clark. This allowed the Frugal Racing Caterham into the race lead for the first time. This was a lead they maintained through the pit stop period of the race, but a penalty for a short pit stop dropped the Frugal duo back to third.

Team Air Supply pitted first in the Class B lead battle, followed by the Kingston University and then GNB Racing on the following laps. With a good stop it was the Team Air Supply Porsche that made the most of the stops and was able to jump the Kingston University Caterham for second in class as the Caterham appeared from the pit lane.

In Class C the team Norfolk car jumped into the pits for the attempted cut back on the class leaders. HT Racing and Norfolk n’ Chance responded the next lap with stops of their own, able to appear from the pits following their stops just ahead of the Fiesta. PSR pitted the following lap but appeared from the pit lane still first in class but with the Norfolk n’ Chance Clio right with it. As they battled for the class lead the Norfolk Clio was forced to retire with clutch gremlins.

Following the good form prior to the pit stops, it was the Supatune Puma on the move in Class D, as he started to reel in the class leading Fiesta of Cooper and Kellett.

As the flag dropped, it was the Seat of Mangoes racing that took the top spot with a second straight win in the TDC. The Class A Porsche of Simon Clarke in second ahead of the third overall and second in Class A Caterham of Frugal Racing.

In Class B, how they left the pits was how they crossed the line, with GNB Racing able to take a convincing win ahead of the battling pair of Team Air Supply and Kingston University. The Kingston University Caterham stayed within a second of the Porsche for majority of the latter part of the race but was unable to find a way past.

Under mounting pressure from the chasing cars, the PSR Clio had a big moment through Coram which allowed both the HT Racing Clio and the team Norfolk Fiesta past on the pit straight. Despite a valiant effort, the PSR Car had to settle for third in class just half a second behind the Class winning Clio of HT Racing and tenths behind the team Norfolk Fiesta, who came home in second in class despite their own wobble in Coram on the last lap!

In Class D it was the Simply Cars Fiesta of Cooper and Kellett who took the class win; just ahead of the Supatune Puma of Jason Francis, despite a late charge from the Puma which saw him close the gap to the Class leading car. Paul Burn in the Moores Motors Fiesta came home third in class.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1Mangoes RacingS34  
2Clark RacingA33  
3Frugal RacingA27
4Racing with PrestigeS23
5AutoRevive LondonS20
6HSR / Track Focus / SandsfootA20
7MCQ MotorsportA17
8GNB RacingB17
9Team Air SupplyB15 
10Kingston UniversityB12 
11HT RacingC11
12team NORFOLKC8
14Ox4 RacingC3
15Simply CarsD5 
16Supatune MotorsportD3 
17Moores MotorsD1
18Apple Car CentreB1
19Lakeland MotorsportA1
20Tylah MotorsportCDNF
21Tylah MotorsportBDNF
22Norfolk n ChanceCDNF
23Team Bacon Butty RacingADNF
25Tylah MotorsprtCDNS
26Tylah MotorsportBDNS
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.

Race Report

Qualifying was all on Class A, with the second tier of the Championship locking out the front row for the first time this year – Frugal Racing on Pole with Simon Clark lining up second on the grid. AutoRevive London in the leading Class S car had to settle for fourth just behind the Saxo of Lakeland Motorsport. The leading Class B pair were separated by less than two tenths as Team Air Supply took the Class pole just ahead of GNB’s Gary Burstow. Simon Reed took the Class C pole, with his main Championship protagonists Norfolk n’ Chance, PSR and team Norfolk all within two tenth of a second of each other just behind the MINI. In Class D the Fiesta of Simply Cars took the pole just ahead of Supatune Motorsports Puma.

Following an aborted start a rolling start behind the safety car was taken, this lead to mixed fortunes in the pack. Up front the Clark Racing Porsche of Simon Clark mistakenly jumped the Frugal Racing Caterham before the line and as the Porsche slows to allow the Caterham back past, Clark was caught by the pack and fell back to fourth.

Darren Goes made up for a poor qualifying session with a great start and was up from fifth on the grid to third by the end of the first lap. A move round the outside of the Autorevive London BMW at Graham Hill followed by a move on the race leading Frugal Racing Caterham later in the lap gave Goes the lead by lap two.

Class B was close over the line, with GNB’s Burstow in the BMW trading lap times with the Team Air Supply Porsche and the Supatune MR2, all in sight of Tylah Motorsports Dean Hyde who was only just behind, albeit behind the Team ALN Ginetta.

Further down the field it was the OX4 MINI of Simon Reed leading the way in Class C, just ahead of the Norfolk n’ Chance Clio of Harding and Slater. The Simon Reed MINI having the legs on the Clio allowed it to pull away as the chasing PSR Clio running together with Class B’s LWD Motorsport caught the Norfolk Clio before technical gremlins caused the PSR car to retire. This Battle allowed the OX4 MINI to escape down the road in clear air as the pit stop window neared.

Just as the pit stop window opened, it was the Saxo of Lakeland Motorsport who jumped the Porsche of Clark Racing to take the class lead as the Frugal Racing Caterham had already jumped into the pits from the Class A lead and second on the road.

The now Class A leaders Lakeland Motorsports Ryan Steel and Clark Racings Simon Clark pitted together to now battle for the best pit stop. Also in the pits early was the Team Air supply Porsche, second in Class B and the Supatune Puma, second in Class D, both looking to close the gap to their respective class leaders.

The second placed Class C car of Norfolk n’ Chance, and the chasing Class C pack all pitted together. Just as they came into the pits the Safety Car was scrambled for the stricken Porsche of McQ motorsport. This lead to the Class C, second, third, fourth and fifth exiting the pits together as the safety car closed the pack up and neutralised the race.

With the Safety Car out on track, the pack bunched up. It would be a last lap dash to the line, as the class Leaders in Class A, Class C and Class D were now all line-a-stern on the re-start.

With one lap to go Clark Racing managed to find a way past the Lakeland Saxo of Ryan Steel for second in Class A; the win going to Frugal Motorsport, who pulled a slight gap from the battling pair behind.

The Class B victory went to GNB’s Gary Burstow, ahead of Dean Hyde from Tylah Motorsport and the Team Air Supply Porsche in third.

 Class C came down to the line with the podium positions in class being decided on the last stage of the last lap. Going into the Grand Prix loop from Surtees, it was Tylah Motorsports Alf Hyde ahead of sister Tylah car of Alan Lyne and the Norfolk n’ Chance Clio, Class B’s Apple Car Centre Fiesta was watching over just behind

On the line it was Norfolk n’ Chance who came home second in class, followed by the Apple Car Centre Fiesta, Alf Hyde managing to keep the remaining cars behind for third in Class C.

Simply Cars took the Class D win just ahead of Championship rival Jason Francis in the Supatune Motorsport in the Ford Puma, Paul Burn in the Moors Motors Fiesta coming home for third in class.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1Mangoes RacingS34 
2Frugal RacingA32  
3Clark RacingA26
4Lakeland MotorsportA23
5AutoRevive LondonS23 
6GNB RacingB24 
7Team ALNA16
8Tylah MotorsportB18
9Racing with PrestigeS13
11Ox4 RacingC14 
12Team Air SupplyB10 
13Norfolk n ChanceC9
14Apple Car CentreB5
15Tylah MotorsportC6
16Tylah MotorsprtC4
19team NORFOLKC2
20LWD RacingB1
21Simply CarsD5  
22team NORFOLKC2
23StorageMart RacingC1
24Moores MotorsD1
25MCQ MotorsportADNF
26Kingston UniversityBDNF
27Supatune MotorsportBDNF
30Windgat RacingADNF
31HT RacingCDNF
32Team Banana RacingBDNS
33Tylah MotorsportBDNS
34HSR / Track Focus / SandsfootADNS
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.

Race Report

Qualifying looked to be a three horse race in Class S with Mangoes Racing setting the early pace, but the Seat ultimately lost out on the RWD favouring Oulton Park and started third behind the Autorevive London BMW on Pole and the M3F Racing BMW closing out the front row of the grid with just eight thousandths of a second between the pair. This was a trend that was followed through the grid as the Class A pair of Frugal Racing and Clark Racing qualified together in fourth and fifth respectively with just two tenths between them. This meant the three Overall title contenders would start the race together with less than a second between them!

The Class B pole was taken by the GNB Racing BMW, just ahead of the Team AirSupply Porsche who was beaten by just over one tenth of a second. The Class C lead was taken by PSR’s Clio ahead of the HT Racing Clio by one second, the rest of the Class C title contenders just behind the HT Racing car. It was all to play for with the title contenders so close together!

Just as the cars were called to the assembly area, news came in that the Clark Racing Porsche had been forced to withdraw from the meeting due to a clutch failure. All the Frugal Caterham now had to do was finish in the top 14 to win the Class A title!

As the lights went out, the front BMW’s got away well, as did the OMG BMW and the Frugal Racing Caterham. Goes in the Seat instantly had to respond to the pressure of losing a couple of spaces through lodge, but recovered well to third in class over the line. Over the next two laps the Mangoes Racing Seat had managed to claim the race lead with the Autorevive London BMW in second ahead of the M3F Racing BMW in third. This is how it stayed until the pit window.

Class B’s GNB Racing made a great start, staying ahead of a hard charging AirSupply Porsche. Tylah Motorsports E30 BMW in a close third. The pair pushed hard to catch the GNB Racing BMW but as the the first stint of the race drew to an end the gap to Burstow had stabilised.

In Class C it was the MINI of OX4 Racing that got away best jumping through on the inside at Old Hall to take the class lead from the PSR Clio. This lead was short lived however as the PSR Clio managed to squeeze back past through Druids corner. Just behind the Norfolk n’ Chance Clio and the team Norfolk Fiesta battled for third, soon to be joined by the slow starting HT Racing Clio.

With the pit window drawing near, it would be crucial for the teams in the title hunt to get their pit stops exact.

Once the dust had settled after the pit stops, it was the AutoRevive London BMW that appeared in the lead, with the M3F BMW in second, following the retirement of the Mangoes Racing Seat at Shell corner. Despite a late charge from the M3F Racing BMW the AutoRevive car was able to hold on the class and outright win. M3F’s Mark Flower came home in second and the 235i BMW of Steve Gales came home an impressive third in class.

Following the retirement of the Mangoes Seat, and with the Class A win looking comfortable; all the Frugal Racing Caterham had to do was finish fifth or higher to claim the Overall Championship.  This was easier said than done however as an apparent coolant leak was causing concerns within the team. Knowing that the Championship was in reach the team of McDougal and Simonds pushed on and claimed fourth overall and took not just the Class A Championship, but the Overall Championship with it.

A retirement of the Team AirSupply Porsche, the Class B win looked comfortable for GNB Racing’s Gary Burstow. He had managed to build the gap over the Tylah Motorsport E30 BMW and took the win and the Class B Championship with the Tylah Motorsport BMW coming second and causing a count back for second in Class B as they tied with the Air Supply Porsche for points. Team AirSupply managed to hold onto second in the Championship by virtue of an earlier class victory.

It was the PSR Clio who retained the lead after the pit stops, followed by the HT Racing Clio, the OX4 Mini and the Norfolk n’ Chance Clio. A big off on the run to shell corner allowed the Norfolk n’ Chance Clio past the MINI into third in class. As the end of the race drew near the Class C competitors started to close in on each other. It was the PSR Clio that took the class win and with it the Class Championship. The HT Racing Clio, who was being caught by the Norfolk n’ Chance Clio just managed to just hold on to second in class, ahead of the OX4 Mini in fourth who was battling the Fiesta of Tylah Motorsport to the line.

Race Results

Pos Name Class Pts
1AutoRevive LondonS34 
2M3f RacingS29
4Frugal RacingA26  
5GNB RacingB23  
6Team ALNA19
8Tylah MotorsportB14
9Amery MotorsportB12
11HT RacingC14 
12Norfolk n ChanceC10
13Ox4 RacingC7
14Tylah MotorsportC5
15team NORFOLKC3
16Tylah MotorsprtC1
17Mangoes RacingS1 
 Penalty points applied.  Fastest lap during qualifying.  Fastest lap during race.
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