Deadslow Motorsport

  • Name: Lewis Denslow
  • Age: 29
  • Lives: Middlesex
  • Raced for: N/A

Team Info:

We first started out in 2015 doing my first two races as a shared drive.

2016 saw a complete rebuild of the car after getting the racing bug, I slotted in Class B on my own and even though only scoring in 5 out of 7 rounds we took 2nd place in the TDC.

2017 saw us move to another series but after snapping a ball joint which cracked the block ( long story ) we only ever did one race.

2018 see's us back in the TDC but this time in Class C ( hopefully), the car's had wins in Class D and B so we're going to try our luck here and see how we get on, seems like forever since i've been behind the wheel and will be good to see some old friends again! Take care everyone, good luck and happy racing!