Frugal Racing

  • Name: Callum McDougal
  • Age: 29
  • Lives: Kent
  • Raced for: N/A
  • Name: Ben Simonds
  • Age: 32
  • Lives: Norfolk
  • Raced for: N/A

Team Info:

Frugal Racing is a team run between two pairs of friends, demonstrating affordable motorsport with maximum fun!
Originally founded by Jim and Callum McDougall, Frugal Racing took its name from Jim's extraudinary ability, as a Scottish account, to never spend a penny over the bare minimum and somehow still win championships. Callum has now taken over that mantle and together with his wife Tati and friends Ben and Hazel Simonds, are returning the the MSVT TDC as defending champions in 2018.
Frugal Racing is sponsored by Full Circle Enterprises of Banham, Norfolk.